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One of Lima’s most beautiful views is the view of the ocean along our sprawling coast. A long chain of modern residential buildings lights up the boardwalk and provides an exclusive environment in which couples and families enjoy life by the sea.

Discover why seaside apartments are the best choice in Lima and find out where you can find the ideal option that adapts to your personal tastes and future plans.

Prime Location Near the Sea

One of the greatest privileges is living in a seaside apartment in Lima, a city with a variety of luxury real estate projects located just steps from the shore.

An essential element to luxury apartments is that the building is located in a residential area near the sea; this feature not only makes the apartments exclusive, but also generates a real estate value that few can match.

Apartments in Lima, VyV

Seaside Apartments in Lima

The Miraflores boardwalk offers a unique atmosphere of relaxation and recreation. You can enjoy the outdoors by taking a bike ride or by simply enjoying the remarkable sunset. The positive feelings that cause people to live near open spaces such as this one influence the quality of life of those who live in the area.

Tourist Area

The Miraflores boardwalk is one of the most important tourist attractions in Lima. Thousands of visitors walk peacefully along its sidewalks overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Due to its position as an important tourist destination and therefore a source of income for the area, the district has invested money in street maintenance and cleanliness.

Shopping Centers

Purchasing a luxury apartment in Miraflores also allows residents to have everything they need at their fingertips. Shops, banks, schools, universities, amusement parks and green areas shape the district into a unique and comfortable community.

Apartments in Lima, VyV

The Most Select Real Estate in Peru

It just so happens that at V&V Grupo Inmobilario we have a project in the heart of the most exclusive neighborhood in Miraflores. The project is called Acacias, and it represents both the chance to live an exclusive lifestyle and a great investment opportunity.

Whether you are looking for a place near the sea to live in or to add to your real estate portfolio, Acacias is your best choice. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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