It’s clear that the real estate business is filled with great possibilities—it’s simply a question of knowing how to choose which properties offer the highest return on investment.

In Lima, for example, there is an area on which few real estate agents focus but nevertheless represents a promising market: penthouses.

Demanding Clientele

However, offering penthouses for sale in Miraflores, or in any other exclusive neighborhood in the city, requires certain qualities such as good taste, excellent treatment and a deep understanding of the area.

To be able to focus on the purchase and sale of penthouses, it’s important to be in touch with the world’s latest home design trends and with all the specific details that attract potential homebuyers to these apartments.

Why a penthouse?

In a city such as Lima, where traffic, noise and lack of public safety take over large urban areas, where there are no signs of urban planning and where there are almost no real estate proposals focused on making exclusive and elegant homes, a penthouse in Miraflores stands out. These apartments offer a pleasant atmosphere, tranquility and peace of mind to those who live in them.

Therefore, choosing to buy a penthouse for real estate investment purposes is a sound business decision.

penthouse in Miraflores

Where are the best penthouses in Miraflores?

You only have to imagine in which part of Miraflores those who have the possibility of acquiring a luxury apartment would want to live. They would want to live close to the ocean and close to the most modern shopping centers in the district. They would also want easy access to the main avenues and streets.

Acacias Project in Miraflores

This is precisely where V&V has built its Acacias project, an exclusive residential building located just a few blocks from both the Domodossola Park and from Armendariz Avenue.

The Acacias building has two penthouses, which both have spacious rooms designed with the finest architectural style. The different rooms are perfectly distributed between the apartment’s two floors, with the top floor reserved for a large patio and swimming pool.

The penthouses in the Acacias building were designed to exceed expectations of those with the finest taste. This is why acquiring one of these apartments is an excellent real estate strategy—it is guaranteed to be a sound decision.

penthouse in Lima

If you are interested in having one of the Acacias penthouses in your real estate portfolio, visit our building in the heart of Miraflores, and you will take your business to another level.