The wide real estate market has developed a thriving business in Lima. Nevertheless, it is not enough to simply make the decision to invest in this profitable real estate business without being clear on which market we wish to focus. Nowhere is this fact better reflected than in the supply of luxury apartments in Peru.

Why Choose a Luxury Apartment?

Luxury real estate can be a good choice when investing in real estate. One reason is that these apartments increase their value over time, even more so nowadays as the price per square meter continues to rise.

On the other hand, having exclusive apartments within a real estate portfolio helps position the company in a market with high capital movement.

The Best Location

One of the most important elements when it comes to acquiring a luxury apartment as a real estate investment is the area of the city in which the apartment stands. It turns out that for an apartment to be considered “luxury”, it is not enough for it to have fine finishes and unique amenities; the environment is also an essential element. This is why the buildings with luxury apartments in residential areas of Miraflores are the most in demand.

Miraflores Park

Backed by a Trusted Real Estate Company in Lima

With the real estate industry boom in Lima, we also saw a large influx of greedy companies, which sought to take advantage of the bonanza without worrying about providing quality or well-being to its clients.

As a result, there were many scams in which companies pre-sold supposed luxury apartments that were yet to be built, but once they were handed over to their owners, the apartments had serious deficiencies in their finishes and even structure. Therefore, it is necessary to verify that the real estate company that sells and builds the building has its papers in order and is certified by the various regulatory institutions in Peru.

Luxury Apartments in Peru

At V&V Grupo Inmobiliario, we have everything to guarantee you an excellent investment. You can see proof of this in our Acacias project, a residential building with luxury apartments, designed to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

Luxury Apartments in Peru

The luxury apartments in the Acacias building reflect a unique architectural style and have comforts and amenities fit for a king. Best of all, they are located in the most exclusive area of Miraflores.

Therefore, if you are looking for a profitable real estate option in Lima, do not hesitate to visit the Acacias project—we assure you that you will maximize your investment.