V&V Real Estate Group

V&V Real Estate Group


Provide the best service to our clients, complying with the market and construction demands.


To be the benchmark company in the real estate business in a profitable and sustainable way, creating a unique experience for our clients and building their legacy through a committed and motivated team.

Corporate Report

Our Pillars

Our team

It is made up of highly specialized and highly experienced professionals, technicians, and administrators, who act committed to their work and the common project; to provide the best service and meet market demands. In addition, we have external collaborators with broad experience.

Our commitment

V&V cares about the community in which it operates, therefore, when the development of a new project begins, we take urban and landscaping factors into account, guaranteeing an optimal final result to future owners and neighbors. Thus, the comfort and tranquility to which they are accustomed will not be affected.

Comprehensive design

Through the years, V&V has shown that its clients can buy their properties with complete calmness whether in plans or construction stage, being confident that they will be satisfied when seeing their finished property as it will have the promised finishes and features. It is important to note that the design will not only be seen on the facade of your property but also, we will always take care of the details in the interior.

Social commitment

Alliance with Asociación Hogar de las Bienaventuranzas

At V&V we actively and voluntarily contribute to the betterment of society, getting involved in concrete social actions that aim to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people in our country.
Through the alliance with Asociación Hogar de las Bienaventuranzas, our shareholders and collaborators have found an area of personal development that transcends the workplace and allows us to become aware of the importance of values such as solidarity, equal opportunities, and commitment to our environment