Ideas to decorate a small apartment

Greater amount of light

This is advice that can be applied in all types of apartments. At nightfall you need artificial light points located in specific places. The corners are key. The light from ceiling lamps often darkens corners, reducing visibility and perception of space. To do this, you can place floor lamps at the corners of the property so that the totality of each environment is appreciated. Always remember: the more light, the greater the feeling of space.

Natural light

A well-lit apartment always seems larger, try to clear the way in the windows, thus, to let in as much natural light as possible. For example, the type of curtains you select should not pile up on their sides. That will only reduce the amount of lighting within your environments. Some models with which you will never go wrong are Roman or roller blinds.

Light colors

Let us not just think about white to decorate the apartment. In general, all light colors help spaces appear much larger by reflecting light better. We recommend using a maximum of three plain colors (not patterned).

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Use mirrors

The strategically placed mirrors will help you make the apartment look bigger. It is a perfect ally to give depth to dining rooms, bathrooms and living rooms. You can even leave it on the floor and leaning against the wall. Everything will depend on your style.

Properly sized multifunctional furniture

It is important to have a good idea of ​​the scale when decorating your apartment. If you plan to renovate the furniture in a room, start by making a list of the furniture you want to include and review only models that fit with the available space. At the same time, another great resource to save space is the versatility of the chosen furniture. Remember that having a lot of objects will occupy a lot of visual space, which is not ideal.

More is less, less is more

Let us not go crazy and fill in all the spaces in the apartment. Avoid filling the rooms with many decorative objects, and above all, when shopping, avoid furniture, tables, sideboards, lamps, etc. that are too big.

You already know how to decorate a small apartment. Remember that choosing the right colors and furniture will help you make the most of the space. Now, it is the time to share some of the best options for moving.

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EL SOL 170 – Location and style in one apartment

This building under construction has 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, from 40 m² to 60 m², offers you the opportunity to be inspired by the Barranco culture. In addition to being in a magical and artistic urban environment, you will be close to exclusive restaurants, parks, and roads with easy access to other central points of the city.

Address: Av. El Sol 170, Barranco.

AREQUIPA 2655 – Everything you want, one step away from your apartment

This project with a strategic location allows you to be connected with what you like the most: shopping centers, tourist areas, restaurants, shops, recreational areas, parks and more. This project under construction has for you 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments from 43 m² to 74 m². In addition, it has the aforementioned Mivivienda Verde seal, which guarantees optimal energy consumption, thus generating savings and greater care for the environment.

Address: Av. Arequipa 2655, San Isidro.

LARCO 791 – Move into an apartment in Miraflores today

LARCO 791 is one of our most recent projects. Currently, it is in a pre-sale state, do not miss the opportunity to move to one of the best districts of our capital. This mixed building (home + Moxy by Marriott hotel) has 1- and 2-bedroom apartments from 60 m² to 78 m² with common areas on the first and last levels. In addition, it is LEED certified.

Address: Av. Larco 791, Miraflores.

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