What is Lima Top?

Surely in your searches for apartments in the different districts of the capital you have read Lima Top when reviewing real estate websites. In the first place, when it comes to real estate, Lima is divided into six sectors: North Lima, South Lima, East Lima, Central Lima, Modern Lima, and Lima Top. And second, they are divided by their different features that are according to their location, style, materials, and quality of life that each one offers you.

 Get to know the districts of Lima Top

Miraflores has different facets

One of the districts that has it all is undoubtedly Miraflores. It offers you family, beautiful and quiet residential areas. In addition, it has a large stretch of coastline in which you find a boardwalk full of parks, people practicing sports, restaurants, and green areas. This particular mix makes it one of the most touristic places in Lima.

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San Isidro the most demanded

The lifestyle in San Isidro could easily be like that of other districts of the city that are characterized by their residential nature. However, its large urban development with residences, multi-family buildings, parks, bicycle lanes, shopping and financial centers makes it a unique and highly desirable district for many future buyers.

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Barranco is very particular

It is one of the districts that is characterized by having a bohemian, relaxed, picturesque and colorful style. Its streets are full of theaters, museums, bars, parks, restaurants, and clubs. As you can imagine, this attracts mainly young people, who see Barranco as the perfect area to become independent.

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Santiago de Surco is attractive

It is one of the districts with excellent security, order, and various residential areas. One of its main advantages is that along Surco’s 52 km², it has a large number of parks, which is why it is often known as the garden district. In addition, you can find recreation centers, urbanizations of different socioeconomic levels, as well as important institutions such as the United States embassy or the renowned tourist attraction Parque de la Amistad.

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Are you looking to buy an apartment?

You already know which are the districts that make up Lima Top and their main features. Take a look at each district on this list and start to see which one meets all of your needs. If you are thinking of buying an apartment, remember that at V&V Inmobiliaria we offer you the best projects. If you want more information, contact us to schedule a zoom meeting and talk.