Apartment under construction

Choose freely

A project under construction offers a number of options to choose more freely according to the preferences of the buyers. Since as the building is just being raised there are several properties available. You can choose any footage, the floor, the location of the apartment, the type, etc.

Invest in the future

Buying an apartment is one of the steadiest investments, as the value generally increases within the next 5 to 10 years. For this reason, many prefer to buy an apartment under construction in its most initial stage because these are acquired at a fairly inexpensive price. Also, in the future you can sell it and get back more than you invested at the beginning.

Payment flexibility

When buying real estate projects under construction, you pay between 10 and 15 percent to reserve the apartment, this percentage will depend on your bank rating. The rest of the amount can be paid to the bank in case the property is financed or to pay the installments according to the plan offered by the real estate. That is why properties under construction offer flexibility in terms of payment and it is not necessary to have a huge sum to buy it.

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Apartment ready to move in

Immediate availability

Clearly one of the main advantages of a ready apartment is the absence of waiting periods. All you have to do is complete the payment and documentation and with that you can move in.

Less risk factors

The apartment can be inspected prior to purchase and there is no risk of discrepancies with the design, features and benefits. In this way, you will greatly reduce the risk of any unforeseen events. You can also reduce this risk in two ways:

  1. Buying the apartment from a realtor with previous experience.
  2. Visiting the pilot apartment or seeing the virtual tour of the apartment of your choice.

Calculate additional costs

By purchasing an apartment ready to move in, you will have complete clarity about the total costs and the maintenance charges and other expenses. This way you can more accurately calculate the cost of your monthly expenses and organize yourself in the best way.

So far, we have shown you some tips to know how to choose between an apartment under construction or ready to move in. Again, there is no better option. It all depends on your needs; however, you can avoid all these problems by betting on a real estate agency with great experience like V&V Grupo Inmobiliario that can provide you with the security you need to make the best decision.

Now is the time to show you the ideal projects to move in.

Get to know our projects in Lima

EL SOL 170 – Apartment under construction

With 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, from 40 m² to 60 m², this project under construction offers you the opportunity to be inspired by Barranco’s own culture. In addition to being in a magical and artistic urban environment, you will be close to exclusive restaurants, parks, and roads with easy access to other central points of the city.

Address: Av. El Sol 170, Barranco.

SAN FERNANDO 230 – Apartment under construction

Our project has 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms from 100 m² to 200 m² with fine finishes, Kohler faucets and Shihuahuaco wood floors near easy access roads makes it one of the most interesting options. In addition, it has a specific space for guests and bicycles and a double ramp for parking.

Address: Calle San Fernando 230, Miraflores.

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