Common areas

We will start with the common areas, a very essential aspect to consider before choosing a real estate project. San Felipe 1190 has really thought of your  entire family, and that includes your pet. Here you will never have problems because it is petfriendly, in addition to having an area specifically for your conceited. If we talk about your little ones, they can go to the SUM area children as many times as they want, where they can play and socializewith other children. On the other hand, when it comes to recreation for the largest, our real estate project has a swimming pool on the top level, gourmet room and barbecue area.

Summer Sale

San Felipe 1190 is located withSummer Sale with a discount of up to s / 50,000 and with facilities such as the disbursement of the initial installment divided into 5 months, plus the possibility of disbursement just on delivery. Are you going to miss it?

San Felipe 1190 has apartments of 3 dormitorios, ideal for your family, know more details about our project here: