In this note we will give you some tips to help your children in their academic performance now that they have started classes again and everything that entails.

Adequate lighting

Something you should not skimp on is the lighting of the study place. Here we refer, not only to the light put on the ceiling, but also on a desk lamp. It is worth emphasizing that you should never opt for yellow light because it will only cause fatigue and sleep; the best option is white and clear light. By the way, do not forget that the place of study must have natural light directly during the day.

Good lighting will be key when studying, since in addition to improving focus it will also help the good health of your eyes.

Appropriate furniture

It is quite common for children to end up doing homework in the living room, in the dining room or even in bed; however, that is not the right thing to do. Having a desk is critical for a student, as is an ergonomic chair that benefits their poise in the long run.

The laptop or computer will delimit your child’s workspace, so you should think about adapting the house and its bedroom with the necessary light points.

It should be noted that on your desk you should only have what is clearly necessary. It is not advisable to crowd many things because it can also be a cause of distraction.

Optimal design

The place of study can be in the same bedroom or, if possible, in a room separate from your child’s resting place. The important thing here is that you can customize that space with a decoration that stimulates their creativity and ingenuity. You can use images, photographs, posters or whatever you think is most convenient. On the other hand, quite careful when choosing the color of the walls, choose one that projects calm and well-being.