In this note we want to share some tips to make your apartment a less cold and passing place , more beautiful and cozy.

The magic of carpets

The carpets are made to bring warmth and at the same time decorate. The best thing is that you can place them in more than a single environment, bedroom, living room, dining room or wherever you create best. The detailwith the carpets is to know how to choose the right one because in case you are allergic, you should opt for the natural fiber ones.

All closed

The cold is able to enter where you least expect it. It is useless to bundle up with blankets and thick stockings if you are not covering all the spaces of your apartment well. Be sure to keep all windows tightly closed, even those that are small and usually above the shower. Another important point is the laundry area, wherethe drafts are greater so that the clothes dry. Finally, close the door of all those rooms that you do not use. Take care of these details and you will notice the difference.

Thick curtains

It is normal that if you opted for blinds, the usor curtains have been canceled. However, at this time of year, curtains can become your allies by covering the joints or spaces between moon, frame and window; and keep warm in your apartment for much longer. Choose them in a not so light tone, to help catch light in a better way and remember to choose the right thickness.