Benefits of having a gym in your building

Time flexibility

Having a gym in your building makes it easier for you to find the ideal time of day to do sports. Nowadays with all the telecommuting, housework or babysitting it is hard to find time. However, having a gym so close means 24/7 availability and showering and changing in our apartment.

Save time (our gyms do not usually have machines, it is more functional type)

Having the training machines one minute from your department improves your quality of life and saves you a lot of time on the move. You will no longer have as a pretext the lack of time not to go to the gym. In addition, having a gym in your building allows you to save money on the gym and transportation fees.

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It often happens that you live in the same building for a long time, but you know very little about the neighbors. Sharing the same spaces and doing exercises will improve the community atmosphere. In this way you can establish social relationships and encourage each other.

Mental and physical health

After a long and hard day of teleworking, there is nothing better than unwinding by exercising. In addition, when doing sports you feel happier, fulfilled, you improve your physical form and it helps you to continue improving your habits. Specifically, by exercising in your building’s gym, we are promoting the release of endorphins, which are chemicals that produce a feeling of euphoria and happiness.

Now that you have discovered the great advantages of having a gym in your building, it is time to learn about our projects where you will find incredible common areas and among them a well-equipped gym.

Discover our buildings with gyms

CARRIQUIRY 894 – The perfect apartment in the best area

This project is in a pre-sale state. It has 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments from 44 m² to 119 m². Close to easily accessible roads and with the Green Bond certification, our building will have common areas on the 1st and last level, an infinity pool, commercial premises, balconies with an enviable view, a beautiful coworking space to carry out telework efficiently, a equipped gym and much more.

Address: Av. Carriquiry 894, San Isidro.

AREQUIPA 2655 – Everything you want one step away from your apartment

It has a strategic location that will allow you to be connected to what you like the most: shopping centers, tourist areas, restaurants, shops, recreational areas, parks and more. This project under construction has for you 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments from 43 m² to 74 m². In addition, it has the Mivivienda Verde seal, which guarantees optimal energy consumption, thus generating savings and greater care for the environment and incredible common areas such as gym, barbecue area and more.

Address: Av. Arequipa 2655, San Isidro.

GRIMALDO 430 – Are you looking for an apartment for sale in Miraflores?

This beautiful and modern project offers apartments from 60 m² to 163 m² with 2 and 3 bedrooms close to easy access roads with parking for bicycles, a double height lobby, swimming pool, equipped gym, barbecue area, meeting room and LEED certification .

Address: Calle Grimaldo del Solar 430, Miraflores.

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