(H2) Live up to them

A great recommendation to evaluate the dangers that your apartment may have is to go through each room using the height of your little one. By this we mean that you see everything from their perspective, which will vary according to their age. For example, for your 1-year-old the edge of a table may be at head height, which is highly risky. In this way you can identify everything pointed, sharp or insecure and thus be able to change their place or remove them.

Blocks outlets and cables

If you have children, surely you should already know that they play with absolutely everything and more if it is an object that they have never seen before. By this we mean the cables of electronic devices, for  example: the laptop, the TV, the vacuum cleaner, which are usually always watered on the floor. Be a little  more attentive to it and thus avoid accidents. Similarly, with the outlets, buy the covers for each one in your house right now. That will help you live more peacefully.

Store dangerous objects

Another very common characteristic of children is that they take everything to their mouths, out of pure curiosity. For this reason, you can not leave cleaning products, medicines or cosmetics in sight of them, because this way for you it does not represent a risk, for them it does. To store them, you can help yourself with the insurance that exists for the doors of cabinets or drawers, these will give them an extra layer of protection.

Are you looking for real estate projects with a children’s area?

Arequipa 2655 – Connected to what you like the most

Our project in San Isidro is under construction and right now you can get it with a discount of up to s/28,260. It has apartments of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms from 43m2 to 74m2. The best thing is that it has large common areas on both the first and last levels. Move here and enjoy the infinity pool, terrace, coworking and children’s playground equipped with games.

Aramburú 836 – As close as you want to be

Our project is located in one of the best areas of Surquillo, border with San Isidro. Choose to live in an exclusive building near easily accessible roads and with Green Bond certification. Give your  little one the possibility to enjoy the games room and make friends.

El Sol 170 – Get inspired and enjoy in an ideal space

Our project in Barranco is already 80% sold and now only has 1 and 2 bedroom apartments from 40m2 to 60m2. It has different common areas, both for the whole family and also only for the little ones such as the playroom.Would you like to visit it?

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