Agile mobility

While it is true since before the pandemic several millennials  used to use bicycles or electric scooters to get around, this has increased much more in recent years. Therefore, they are looking for a project that has secure parking for these types of vehicles; because, if they didn’t have it, they would have to keep it in their apartment and obviously it wouldn’t be so much asIdo.

Various social areas

The truth is that millennials do  not usually look for apartments with great footage, it is enough for them to have the necessary space to rest. However, what they do pay attention to is the number of social areas that the edificio hasfor their hobbies or socializing. Inside them is: coworking room, internal patio, terrace or  rooftop.

Eco friendly & Pet Friendly

This generation is super committed to the planet and, therefore, also to energy saving. For this reason, among the options they evaluate before buying a property is that it has certificates that guarantee its  eco-sustainability  and efficient use of energy.

On the other hand, a large percentage of millennials  have pets or are thereforepredisposed to adopt one. That is the importance of choosing a building that is  pet  friendly and much better if it has common areas for its conceited.

At V&V, we know the needs of this generation, so many of our real estate projects have all these dream features for them. Get to know them by entering our website.