Green spaces and natural areas

Our real estate projects have green areas, parks, gardens and outdoor spaces designed to promote connection with nature, recreation and relaxation. These places provide residents with the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, such as walking or exercising, contributing to a healthier, more balanced life. If you want to enjoy nature close to home, our Pardo 669 and Benavides 1130 projects are the ideal choice, due to their proximity to parks and sea views.

Gyms and common areas

Our focus on development includes the incorporation of sports facilities and gyms fully equipped with machines and spaces for the practice of various physical activities. This gives our residents the opportunity to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle. If you want more information about the common areas of our departments, we invite you to know them here.

Sustainable design

We incorporate sustainable and ecological building practices that promote energy efficiency, responsible water use and environmental impact reduction. In addition, our spaces are designed to be well lit and ventilated, which contributes to the wellbeing of our residents.

Promoting sustainable mobility

We promote the use of nonmotorized or lowenvironmental impact transport, such as bicycles or electric cars, and facilitate accessibility to nearby services to reduce dependence on the car. Our projects, such as Salaverry 2431 and San Felipe 1190, are located near bike paths and in environmentally friendly environments.