Shower time

Taking your pet to bathe is one of the most recurrent tasks that you must surely perform. Looking for you to save time, money and also have fun moments with her. We have a shower area and spa for dogs and cats, properly equipped for a better enjoyment and experience.

Carriquiry 894 not only gives you a strategic location and the lifestyle you deserve, it has also been responsible for designing a place where you can enjoy unique moments with your pet.

If , on the other hand, your desire has always been to live in Miraflores in a central area and connect you with the city, Larco 791 is launching and is the ideal project to move in with your pet. Located near parks, built with fine finishes and luxury social areas.

Pet Yard

In case you have a dog as a pet, you should know how important it is to take it for a walk every day to prevent them from stressing, but above all to release energy. However, you may be out  of work or other obligations only at night. Considering that, a pet yard inside your residential building is an excellent option. Not only will it provide a space for your pet, it will also keep you safe, as you won’t have to go to an external park.

Roma 498 offers you the possibility to share joyful moments with your four-legged friend in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Our project under construction has apartments from 44m2 to 112 m2 for you to live as you always imagined.