Only what is necessary

When it comes to children, it is normal for the number of toys to increase exponentially over time. Therefore, we recommend you start with an inventory that allows you to visualize everything you have, and then be able to discard what will no longer be necessary. Choose to donate instead of just throwing away. This practice will not only make other children happier, it will also teach your children the value of sharing.

Drawers or baskets

Have you already lost count of the number of times you stumble upon a doll in the living room or in the hallways? The open drawers attached to the wall are the solution you need, in addition to helping you to order in an agile way everything you find in your camino, they will bring functionality to your spaces in the long term.

The best thing is that in case you do not want to spend buying them, you have the option to make them yourself. Recycle the wooden boxes or pallets of the fruits, painting them in funny colors or with the drawing that your child likes the most.

Another excellent option is baskets. You can choose them from the material that best suits the decoration of your home. The best thing is that they are quite practical to mobilize from one place to another.

Teach with the exampleplo

Young children are like sponges, they really absorb everything they see and hear. Therefore, it is key to teach them from an early age the importance of order. Make them understand that it’s okay to take everything out to play, but once they’re done, everythingshould be back in place.  And on the other hand, reinforce this with the example. Make your children see you tidying up your things, what’s more, you could set a schedule to do it as a team.