An office or place of study

If currently, the home office is part of your reality, what better than to turn this second room into an office with everything you need to bring your productivity to 100%. You can start small by buying only the desk, an ergonomic chair and a shelf for your most used books or documents. The passage of time will show you what other things you lack and little by little it will become your ideal work area. Be sure to decorate it in your style and with positive stimuli.

A space for your hobby

If through your veins runs the artistic such as composing, playing an instrument, painting or any other hobby that involves having your own space; this extra bedroom will be ideal for your art. Forget about having to store and take out your materials almost all the time in your living room; here you will have your own space where you can unleash your creativity and start letting your ideas flow.

A playroom

Entertainment is a key part of anyone’s life, the detail is that not everyone has fun in the same way. While some prefer to go out with friends or go for a coffee; others love video games extremely. Turn that extra bedroom into your gaming venue and invite your friends to spend afternoons on video games or movies. The investment will be a little more, but it will be totally worth it.

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