Change the lamps

If it’s about making big changes with minimal investment, your best bet is to change the lamps. Mainly those in the living room or dining room, which are the ones that provide the first impression of style to all the people who come to your apartment. Believe it or not, lamps have a great weight in the decoration and by themselves, they can make a space look more or less modern.

Renew your pictures

In case you do not have the time or the willingness to change the color of the walls, choose to renew the paintings. These have a great visual power and without a doubt, they will manage to change the appearance of your apartment. We recommend you to make a combination between small and large paintings, in order to achieve an asymmetrical and highly modern look.

Mirror in the hall

Sun-type mirrors became fashionable again this season and what better than to use one in your hall, no matter if it is small or large. A round mirror with golden edge will bring light, feeling of space and above all a lot of style. Also, if you get creative, you can put together a composition of various sizes, instead of just a large one.