Functional spaces

This generation is not interested in having a large place, for them the most important thing is the functionality of the space. They want an apartment in which every square meter is used intelligently, since they are not willing to pay for something that does not totally benefit them.

Their preference for small formats  explains why they are looking for real estate projects that have different common areas: gym, coworking, terrace and more. This will allow them to have almost everything without having to invest more.

Strategic location

Millennials analyze the location very well, since it should provide them with proximity to their workplace and entertainment venues. Although not only that, they also look at the quick access they can have to means of transport or main roads.

Pet friendly & eco friendly

A great advantage for real estate when dealing with a millennial client  is to be able to present their options of eco-sustainable buildings, which not only allows them to save on services, but also the care of the environment. And if in addition to that feature, you also offer a pet friendly real estate project, which has areas for your conceited. Rest assured that it will be a closed sale.

V&V real estate has projects with areas especially for them. Carriquiry 894 has a pet shower with everything you need so you can share that experience with your pet. And in Roma 498 you can find a pet yard equipped for your conceited to have the most fun.