Search blindly

Determine what you’re looking for. If you start your search without defining some characteristics of your dream apartment, the search will be eternal. Start a list of priorities your next home  should be counting on. Define if what you are looking for is a spacious apartment with several rooms and spectacular common areas or if your priority is the location and finishes. Already having clear what to look for, now you can start touring the areas of your preference.

In V&V we have a variety of projects with different characteristics following the premise of generating first class real estate projects, find your ideal depa here:

Not including all fixed costs

After buying your apartment you will inherit some new responsibilities subject to payments such as property tax, taxes, common building expenses such as security and cleaning;  and other payments agreed with the board of owners. Therefore, we suggest that you take into account all these expenses and include them in your fixed monthly expenses.

Not looking at the small details

The place and the price is not the only thing you should take into account. There are other details that you should not overlook or you may be buying an apartment with inconveniences that you will not be able to solve.

The issue of sound will be a determining factor, so when you go to your visit, pay attention to the noise of cars or street sounds, as these will be a recurring factor if you decide to stay there.

Try to go during the day so that you know the lighting you will have most of the time and if your apartment will face the street or inner courtyard. Have well referenced natural light sources such as windows, skylights and screens; to make the best decision.

Remember these tips so that when you visit the apartments you have found, you can review these details.  We encourage you to visit El Sol, in the district of Barranco. This project has apartments of up to 60m2 for immediate delivery and has a swimming pool, coworking room, barbecue area and more.