Best price

There is no doubt that the best economic time to acquire an apartment is when it is still only in plans, that is, in the pre-sale stage. The price difference compared to a finished project is really significant and therefore the savings are greater. In this way, you can optimize your money and allocate it to other expenses, such as when the furnishing stage arrives.

A separate fact is that, even if you have not seen it as an investment, buying at the pre-sale price will automatically make you earn money. The reason is because when your new home is delivered to you, its value could increase up to 30% more.

More options

A major limitation of immediate delivery projects is that they generally have few options to choose from and many of them are the most expensive. Whereas when buying in plans, almost all the units of the project are available and you have the freedom to choose the one that best suits you. You decide on which floor to live, whether with an external or internal view, a flat or a duplex and there are even real estate agencies that allow you to choose finishes, materials or modify some aspect of the distribution.
(H2) Help manage your finances
It is no secret to anyone that buying a new apartment involves a lot of expenses. From the down payment, the monthly payments, the associated expenses, the purchase of the furniture, the move, and the list can still go on. Therefore, if you choose to buy in pre-sale, you will have the possibility of managing your money intelligently and without stress, since the period of time is long, usually 1 to 2 years.

Do you see that buying in presale has many benefits? If in case you were interested in buying an apartment at this stage, we have different projects that could interest you in the top districts of Lima

BENAVIDES 1130 – A new style of living.

This project is in a pre-sale state. It has 1, 2 bedroom apartments from 31 m2 to 77 m2. The building will have a swimming pool, a private park, a beautiful coworking space to telecommute efficiently, an equipped gym and much more. Located in one of the main avenues of Miraflores, which will allow you to have access to everything around you.

Address: Av. Benavides 1130, Miraflores.

Roosevelt 5591- Move now to your dream place!

If you are someone who enjoys green areas and neighborhoods a lot more familiar, Roosevelt is perfect for you. This project is in pre-sale and has 1 and 2 bedroom apartments from 41 m2 to 84 m2. In addition, it offers you fast connection to any point in the city, while being surrounded by nature such as the Ramón Castilla Park and the Tradiciones Park.

Address: Av. Roosevelt 5591, Miraflores.