Another advantage of projects under construction is that, depending on the real estate, you can be allowed to make small modifications to the chosen apartment. As long as it is within the possibilities. The best thing about buying under construction is the option to pay the initial in parts and the reduction of the total price compared to a finished building.

In V&V real estate we have several projects underconstruction in different districts of the city. Here are some of them.

Arequipa 2655 – Connected to what you like the most

Our project gives you the possibility to finally find your ideal place, the one where you can be yourself and seewith all the comforts you always dreamed of. Arequipa 2655 allows you to visit and enjoy tourist areas, shopping centers, restaurants, nature and even a shopping area on the first level. A project with functional design of 1, 2 and 3 dormitorios; in addition to having all the benefits of the Mi vivienda Verde fund.

Learn more about this project by entering here:

Benavides 1130 – Vision to your style

This project gives you the possibility to pay the initial fractionated up to 3 parts, which is a great benefit for your finances. Benavides 1130 gives you the possibility to live surrounded by the best restaurants, shopping centers, shops and parks.  Our project is under construction based on excellent functionality, safety, aesthetics and top quality finishes for you to enjoy to the fullest. Find 1 and 3 bedroom apartments from 38m² to 71m².

Roosevelt 5591 – Good location and comfort

Located in an area of easy access to the district of Miraflores and surroundings. Exclusive design by José Orrego de Metrópolis, has several social areas on the first and last level. Take advantage of the pool in summer or increase your productivity at work in our co-working. We have 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments from 41m2 to 87m2. Learn about all the benefits that Roosevelt 5591 has, here: