Benavides 1130 – Vision to your style

Nothing wiser than investing in a project under construction in one of the best streets of Miraflores. Benavides 1130 is designed with the best functionality, safety, aesthetics and top finishes; perfect to be one of the best investments of your life. In addition, only for a limited time buy an apartment with a discount of up to S/37,000, plus the possibility of paying the initial fee divided into 3 parts.

Rome 498 – Live where you always imagined

Whenit comes to investing in real estate projects, San Isidro is undoubtedly one of the best districts to live or buy a property to increase its value in the future.  Roma 498 has 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments; in addition to large common areas on the first and last level. The best part is that only for the month of junio you can get your apartment with only 4% down payment and pay the rest in 3 parts. It also offers you a discount of up to S/ 45,850.

Aliaga 650 – Unique experiences

One of the best attributes of this real estate project is its proximity to all the essentials you need to start a new stage in your life. Aliaga 650 has a private central park that provides a sense of harmony and familiarity, just like in your childhood. Be a good investor and take advantage of the discount of up to S/ 48,930, plus the initial 4%.