By this we mean the choiceof versatile furniture, those that are able to get the most out of each of your spaces, without having to give up quality or aesthetics. This type of furniture is also ideal when your apartment is not so large and saving square meters is paramount.

Nest tables

Coffee tables are a key piece in any home room. We recommend you choose those known as nest tables, which have a large multifunctional capacity and thanks to the fact that they exist in different materials and colors, you can choose the one thatbest suits your decorative style.

The nest tables use a very particular system, they are a kind of several tables at different scales that fit inside each other giving you the possibility of using them together or separately. That meansbuying only one nest table, you will immediately get other tables for some other room.

Sofa Bed

Undoubtedly , one of the smartest purchases when we talk about functional furniture is the acquisition of a sofa bed. We start with the price, it is definitely cheaper to buy it together than separately. But if we have to talk about function, a sofa bed can save you from a surprise family visit or some unforeseen event that you may have in one of the rooms.

Folding beds 

Folding beds are highly functional products that are very useful forthe economization of spaces, since they can be folded and stored in a way that goes unnoticed. There are different models, some with wardrobe, others with desk or folding beds with sofa.

They are ideal for taking advantage of the spacefor other activities, such as a study area, a mini gym or the ironing room. The best thing is that type of beds usually combine super well with the decoration, making it so that you do not lose the aesthetics of your decoration style.

Comedores saves space

The dining room is usually the space where not only meals are shared, but also moments and anecdotes. That is the importance of having one that not only adapts to your daily needs, but also to these unforgettable experiences with family or friends. Extendable tables have the advantage of being quite practical. Its surface can be extended and adjusted depending on the size you want. Opt for one of them and receive your loved ones without any problem on festive dates such as Christmas or birthdays.