Full of intense patterns and colors

Within the boho chic style, the rules do not exist. If you choose it you will have the total freedom to combine vibrant colors along with patterns or prints. In this type of decoration you can choose between geometric, floral or ethnic plots and let your creativity fly.

In case you want to bring glamour, opt for bright lenses, such as bronze, copper or mirror pieces.

Eccentric articles

Spaces with boho chic decoration  use unique and different vintage pieces brought from different parts of the world, especially those that may belong to the 60s – 70s. The more eccentric, the better. For this reason, if you have the opportunityto travel to a remote place, do not hesitate to acquire a piece that you consider original, they will help you achieve a more eclectic atmosphere in your home.

Culture and art

If you have already opted for the boho chic style, you probably value and appreciateart. You should know that no bohemian space is complete without a good collection of books, furniture or vintage paintings. Treat yourself to frame albums, art prints, or whatever you consider art for yourself.