Outdoor dining

Get out of the routine and dare to create a mini space for al fresco dining. You just need a small table that you can easily move or install a folding table on the railing, so you can fold it when not in use. To sit down you canalso opt for a folding chair, complemented by soft and comfortable cushions.

Moment of relaxation

If what you are looking for is to turn your balcony into an area to release stress and relax. An excellent option is the puff, this kind of soft armchair that has no back and you can get them in different materials and colors. Accompany yourmom entos of relaxation with a good book, music or simply the view of the sunset.

Small orchard

A fan of gardening? Your small balcony can also be ideal to carry out your hobby, creating your own garden in it. Grow your semilin pots, peppermint, basil or rosemary will be perfect and, in addition, they will help you decorate your spaces.