Clear objective

First of all, you need to be very clear about which department you want. The characteristics, the location, the real estate, the distribution and other details that allow you to have noción of how much you will have to save. Here it is important to remember that it is not necessary to save 100%, with 10% of the total amount will be more than enough (considering that the percentage will depend on your bank rating).

Something you should also consider is your financial cap, taking into account how much you could invest in your property, the years of indebtedness and a cushion for eventualities that allow you to meet the quotas.

Budget adjustment

First of all, if you are not used to having a monthly budget where all your expenses are visible, you should start with that right now. On the other hand, in case you manage your budget every month, what you should do now is evaluate which of your expenses are really indispensable and from that dispose of the possible amount of fee to be paid monthly.

Here is the trick to eliminate all those “ant expenses” that are not being at all beneficial. Self-control is the key, since dispense with certain tastes such as travel or shopping; to have that permanent taste that will be your apartment. It may be difficult at first, but always keep in mind that the things that are really worthwhile  are not simple.

Say no to debt

If your plan is to resort to a mortgage loan in the near future, the worst thing you can do now is go into debt since it will be a factor to evaluate before you are granted. Be smart and start paying off your debts now so that, when the time comes, your credit history is in perfect condition. Remember that debts are the main enemy of saving.