Near the sea

One of the best options to choose an apartment, is one that transmits peace and tranquility, being the sea breeze and the boardwalks an excellent option. Projects such as Pardo 669 and Larco 791 are one of the best alternatives where you will not only have a central place to go to work and / or studies, but you are also a few steps from large tourist areas.

Close to work

Having an apartment near main avenues is one of the best options for moving either for work and / or studies, that is why we present some departments that are in districts with large avenues such as Miraflores, San Isidro and San Miguel. If you want to move to one of these districts, click here and learn about our projects.

Next to parks

Having an apartment close to green areas offers you various options in terms of outings, walks with your pets, exercises, among many other things. In addition, people invest a lot in their physical and mental health, so they need departments that can offer them some options in terms of peace of mind and security. V&V has large projects that focus on having Limas green areas nearby. Projects such as Salaverry 2431 and San Felipe 1190 offer you not only free access roads to other districts, but also a great bike path and beautiful parks.

Tourism and entertainment

Having the tourist areas of the city near your apartment is synonymous with adventures and fun, since due to its large influx of people, parties and night walks are one of the great attractions. So living near Miraflores is one of the ideal options after leaving work. If you want to find the perfect apartment that fits your work area or where you want to live, click here and know our options.