What is surplus value?

Surplus value is the increase in the value of a property over time, due to different factors. Within these can be the location, the footage, the architecture and other characteristics that the real estate project possesses; in addition to other general factors such as the urban development of an area or district. This means that, if you decide to invest in a department with the right characteristics, the return on your investment will be quite favorable in the future.

Which features are correct?

The location area

The higher the demand for an apartment in an area of the city, the more value it will acquire in the future. So take the time to decide where you’ll buy it with access to basic services, the power of the internet connection, easy access to main thoroughfares, security, and more in mind.

Also look at how much growth prospecting it has, by that I mean shopping centers, supermarkets, schools, parks and any other attraction that helps improve surplus value.

Characteristics of the property

Not only is it important to pay attention to the department you are going to buy, it is also key to see the whole project itself. The number of common areas it has, the architectural design, the quality of finishes used in the construction. All these factors will contribute to the department generating surplus value that you will see reflected in a progressive increase.