Financial account

One of the actions that most go before being encouraged to have an apartment, is to use financing, that is, a mortgage loan. It is important to have a good credit profile to obtain your apartment in the short or long term.

Search for options

It is important to find an apartment that has everything you need, since there are people who prioritize downtown areas and others who prefer remote areas with green areas for more tranquility. Projects such as Larco 791 and Aliaga 750 are perfect for having main avenues nearby, while projects such as Salaverry 2431 and San Felipe 1190 are perfect for their quiet environment and green areas. If you still do not know which place could be the right one, we present some options by clicking here.

Pay attention to what they offer

Not only is it important to have the best locations to go to work or walk, but it is also what the department offers, whether in architecture, or its common environments. V&V has a large portfolio of projects that can give you status, whether architecture such as the Grimaldo 430 project, as well as common spaces and large terraces such as Carlos Gonzáles 239 and Derby 182.