Number of rooms

The number of bedrooms and the footage will be the first thing to consider. An apartment with 3 bedrooms would be your ideal scenario since you could use the third one for whatever you want or use it as a bedroom in case the family grows. On the other hand, a large apartment will give you and your children the necessary space so that everyone canroll their activities in comfort.

Roosevelt 5591 is a project in Miraflores and has apartments with up to 3 bedrooms. It also has excellent common areas so you do not have to move away from your home and your children. Learn more aboutthis project here:


Thinking ahead is the key, so keep in mind that your places or businesses should be relatively close in case an emergency or unforeseen event occurs that you must attend.

Looking for nearby schools will give you the facility to solve any emergency of your children and return home to continue in the tasks of the day. A nearby clinic, supermarketand parks; these are other points that you should also take into consideration for yourself and your family.

But it’s not all obligations. Remember to have some nearby entertainment or meeting places mapped so that you do not neglect your social life or relationship with your partner.

Madrid 167 has the perfect location as it is located between Kennedy Park and the Miraflores boardwalk; a strategic location not to be missed.

Enter the project website and also know its first class common areas.

Recreational spaces

Having places you can go to are a great advantage, but it is much more advantageous to have everything within the same real estate project, since there will be no need for you and your children to go out with such frequency.

Projects such as República de Chile 498 have common areas designed especially for children, where they can play under your supervision. In addition, you can also enjoy its cinema room with family or as a couple. Ready to know everything thatour project offers you?  Find out here:


As for security, living in a real estate project gives you the peace of mind of being in a community surrounded by neighbors, surveillance, alarms and good lighting on the premises. Living in a quiet area of the district will give you the calm you need when you go for a walk with your family.

Now that you know what to look for in your next apartment for your family, it’s time to know all your options. Enter our website and find out about all our projects.