It is known that  in Peru, most mortgage loans are granted in soles. This,  added to the rise of the dollar due to the political situation of the country, has made many people who were looking for an apartment like you, decide to postpone that plan. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

There are ways to be able tobuy an apartment at a cheaper price. Every real estate project has 4 stages, one of them is the pre-sale. Here, the building is still in plans, so the price is much lower and you have a better chance of getting somepromotion. If we add to this that V&V real estate group has projects in the pre-sale stage in soles, we are sure  that you will no longer have to leave your dream aside.

Below  we tell you about our 3 projects that meet these two requirementsfor your budget.

Republic of Chile 498

Our project located in Jesús María is still in pre-sale; this is a great opportunity to make a purchase at a lower price than a finished project. Here you can get a 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartment from S/239,000. República de Chile 498, in addition to having common areas, has commercial premises on the first level which is a great advantage for your day to day. Finally, he lives in a well-located building,close to easily accessible roads.

Address: Av. República de Chile 498 – Jesús María

Roosevelt 559

Have you always dreamed of living in Miraflores? Roosevelt 559 is a great option if you are looking for an apartment of up to 2 bedrooms in a strategic area of the district. It has a barbecue area, swimming pool, coworking and even a gourmet room. To this is addedthe Green Bond certification, plus the first class finishes that each home has so that it becomes your best option for a new beginning from s / 329,200.

Address: Av. Roosevelt 5591 – Miraflores

Rome 498

The district of San Isidro offers you endless possibilities, so it does not seem strange that you are looking for your new home to be here. Our project has apartments of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms from 44 m2 to 112 m2. It has a panoramic pool with incredible views,perfect for your summer days with your family. Buy yours from S/338,500.

Address: Calle Roma 498 – San Isidro