Miraflores District

It is not news that the supply of real estate in this district is high, since coincidentally the demand is also high. Undoubtedly,living in Miraflores has been the dream of many, even if it is once in a lifetime and is that its proximity to shopping centers, entertainment places, green areas and the most valued: the sea; makes it one of the most attractive options.

It’s also perfect for people who love to go for a run, bike ride, surf, or any other outdoor activity. This is due to the security it provides and the presence of the boardwalk.

Grimaldo 430

Our project is under construction and offers 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments from 60m2 to 163m2. The best thing about Grimaldo 430 is that it has luxury finishes such as white quartz kitchen top, mosaic dashboard,  Cálidda gas and others, all designed by  Reusche  + Reyna Atelier. Do you dare?

Address: Calle Grimaldo del Solar 430, Miraflores

Jesus Maria District

Jesús María is one of the best options within Modern Lima. It is a residential district, ideal to grow up with the family, very safe and quiet. Not only that, one of its biggest attractions is its location, since it quickly connects you to several points ofthecity, such as downtown and San Isidro. Finally, it is known that the square meter here is relatively less expensive than in San Isidro, which makes it much more attractive for both investment and living. In addition, if you choose a main street, you will havemany more advantages.

Republic of Chile 498

Our project offers you exclusive apartments with everything you need. In addition, here you will find the best common areas for both you and your children. Take advantage of the district by living in República de Chile 498.

Address: República de Chile 498, Jesús María

San Isidro District

Living in San Isidro is having a little bit of all the best in one place. On the one hand, we have its proximity to the sea for those who have that lifestyle and on the other there are also the large number of green areas, such as the Parque del Olivar or the Parque de la Pera. It also has a Financial Center full of shops and companies, which makes it a very attractive district for investors. Finally,  San Isidro is within the Lima Top category, which  gives  a greater enhancement to all its attributes.

Arequipa 2655

Our project will allow you to be connected to what you like the most. Find apartments of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms from 43 m2 to 74 m2. A building that in addition to having common areas, includes commercial premises on the first level. That’s how complete Arequipa 2655 is.

Address: Arequipa 2655, San Isidro