Commercial Real Estate:

These types of investments are properties intended for commercial use, such as offices, commercial premises, hotels, among others. The reason why you should bet on this type of property is because, although they require a large initial investment, in the long term they generate higher income than residential properties, and above all stable returns.

Luxury Real Estate:

This option, which is aimed at a target that prioritizes exclusivity, is mainly characterized by its privileged location (within the best areas of the city, in addition to its proximity to services), design and highquality finishes. It is one of the most attractive options for investors, due to its potential for high returns.

Vacation Rental Properties:

This type of investment involves the acquisition of properties in popular tourist destinations, so selecting a strategic location is crucial. While it has a high profit potential, it is important to emphasize that its success depends on a number of factors such as efficient property management and effective strategies to attract the public to it.

MultiFamily Properties:

Were talking about properties that contain multiple residential units such as duplexes, triplexes, or quadruplexes, each intended to be rented by different tenants (making it more accessible). These investments offer income diversification, which allows for stability. Its success is linked to good management both with the individuals who inhabit it, and with maintenance costs.

Shortterm rentals:

These types of properties, located on online platforms such as Airbnb or Booking, are mainly aimed at tourists, so they should preferably be held in popular destinations. While these investments generate significant income and offer flexibility to the owner for use during different periods of the year, active property management must be carried out, including maintenance and constant communication with guests.