Sustainable decoration:

Sustainability is present in interior design, through the reuse of textiles, accessories and lights. The reason why this is beginning to be given importance is the awareness of designers and clients in the use of resources that do not harm the environment.

Decoration with warm colors:

Colors that evoke the tones of sunset, such as yellow or orange, are being increasingly used in decoration. This is due to its therapeutic quality by remembering the colors of the sun, generating a cozy atmosphere and transmitting a positive energy. In addition to their therapeutic effect, these colors are considered elegant and stand out even more when combined with wooden furniture in the decoration.

Brown furniture:

The brown color in furniture returns after having been fashionable in  the 70’s. According to experts this is because the trend of vintage aesthetics is on the rise in  interior design. In addition, these tones are also valued because they bring texture, naturalness and warmth to spaces.

Minimalism in interiors:

Minimalism will continue to be a prominent influence on  interior decoration in 2023, with a focus on the organization and simplicity of the elements that make up the space. According to experts, this trend is a response to the current economic situation in society.

White as the main color in the kitchen:

According to designers and architects, the use of  white in environments such as the kitchen is intended to maximize light and give the feeling of  larger spaces. In addition, the white tone transmits lightness and relaxation, ideal for people who spend a lot of time at home, so it will continue to be a trend.