Use natural light and light colors

In any space, lighting is paramount, so we must take advantage of the natural light that enters through our windows. This can be complemented with light tones, such as walls, floors or furniture. All this set illuminates more small spaces.

Use shelves and shelves

We know that in an apartment the spaces are tight, so our best option to maintain order is to think up, which means using high shelves and shelves on the walls. In addition, these are good places to display ornaments and portrait frames to our guests.

Incorporate plants

Plants are the perfect choice as decoration, they are currently a great trend for departments, because they offer colors, fragrances and a cozy vibe in your apartment.

Enter the minimalist

The phraseless is more is decisive in certain aspects, architecture being one of them, and is that using minimalism in small apartments is the new trend, since using fewer accessories and focusing on light and / or mirrors creates more depth.

Hang pictures with simple designs

Decorating small spaces with some paintings gives you personality and curiosity, since it opts for a warm and modern atmosphere. It is important to choose the designs well, because it is important to keep in mind that being a small department, the priority is to enter minimalism. In any case, the inclusion of cadres will always give peace and interest to the departments.