Also, do not forget that plants are synonymous with life and nature. This means that they will not only fulfill the role of decorating, withoutor also help purify the air and improve your quality of life.

Today there are many types of houseplants; however, in this note we will tell you which are the easiest to care for and how to integrate them into your decoration in order to create more cozy spaces.

Hanging pot holders

If you consider that having a small apartment is an impediment to having plants, you are in a big mistake. There are always ways to achieve this, this is the case with hanging pot holders. Getthe style that best suits your decoration. On the other hand, a great hanging plant option is the so-called bridal ribbon. It is perfect for beginners, being one of the most durable. It needs moderate watering and light, but not direct.

It ismetal or wood tructures

Here it will depend a lot on the style with which you most identify. Instead of just putting a pot on some flat surface, use structures of up to 3 holes vertically, to give more dynamism to your indoor plants, saving space in your apartment. Combine them with your furniture in the living room or place them in the hall, to give a better view to your visitors.

Build your terrace

You do not necessarily have to own a lot of plants to feel that you have a nice terrace, just have the right ones will be more than enough. If you are one of the people who does not spend much time at home, cacti are your best option. They only needto be watered with little water, once or maximum twice a week; and keep them in a place with a lot of light. Preferably your terrace.