Sustainability thought from the design

From the conception of the project, to be friendly to the environment, renewable materials with good aesthetic and environmentally responsible appeal are considered.

In this way, materials such as bamboo, cork, recycled metal and other renewablematerials are perfect for finishes in your apartment.

Another point to take into account is the entry of a good amount of light into the apartment; since, having more natural sources, you will use less electricity during the day.

Efficient lighting and regulated use of energy

Having good daylighting, it is a matter of generating the habit of using sorwhatever energy you need. Startturning off electrical appliances you’ve already used to decrease energy consumption. Turn off the water heater once you’ve taken a shower and turn off the heating once the room has the correct temperature.

Many times we usually leave our devices with internal battery, such as laptops and cell phones, plugged in for long hours in our apartment. This, in addition to harming your equipment, in the future wastes energy generating an unnecessary carbon footprint in the environment.

Grifería eco friendly and good habits.

In addition to electrical energy, another of the resources we use in our department is water. Therefore, it is necessary to have saving taps that help maximize its use accompanied by good habits such as taking short showers and dosing it when washing something. You can also decorate your apartment with plants with low water consumption to take care of a sustainable environment in every detail.

Natural common areas

Finally, if your real estate project has common areas, make sure that these are natural or have green areas that help oxygenate and mitigate the CO2 emission of the building. And, if you have biciparking, using this vehicle will help you reduce your carbon footprint while you move wherever you want.  Benavides 1130 is a project that has a private central park, bicycle parking and, in addition, is close to parks.

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