Use the right products

It is important to determine the type of cleaning you want to carry out. In the case of general cleaning, only a sponge, paper napkins, a towel and a microfiber cloth are needed. To treat more stubborn stains, baking soda, allpurpose cleaners, dish detergent and a scrubbing brush can be used. If cleaning products are to be used in combination, it is advisable to wear latex gloves to protect the skin.

Protect your furniture clear

If your apartment has a minimalist style and has furniture of light tones, it is important to use protectors or covers in them in order to prevent them from getting dirty or damaged. In addition, if you have pets, it is advisable to consider the use of blankets or washable covers to cover the sofas and chairs, so you will avoid problems related to odors and dirt.

Handles sunlight correctly

If you have curtains or blinds in your apartment, its important to adjust them to control the amount of sunlight coming in. This is because prolonged exposure to the sun can fade or discolor light colors over time. Consider the option of using blackout curtains or blinds that block the direct rays of the sun when necessary, so you can keep your apartment in better condition in the long term.

Avoid excess decorative objects

While decorative objects can give personality to your apartment, it is essential not to saturate the spaces with too many things. This can cause clutter and lack of light, which would affect the elegant and serene feeling that is sought when using light colors in your home. It is important to find a balance so that the decorative elements come to stand out without overwhelming the environment.