Choose the same color palette

In case you do not have much space, a smart decision will be to integrate the kitchen next to the living room, and for this, you need to use the same chromatic style. The result will be the perfect combination on a visual level. We recommend opting for a palette of light colors, such as white or beige, as it will provideamplitude and luminosity.

You need an extractor hood

It is normal that cooking generates odors that can sometimes be strong or not so pleasant, that is where the extractor hood will be your ally. Choose one that matches your decoration, but above all the right size so as not to generate imbalance. Remember that it is also a matter of protecting your furniture from grease that may come off.

Lighting will make a difference

Although you have created uniformity between the salt-dining room and thekitchen, the latter should not lose prominence and for that, the good choice of lights in strategic areas will improve the cooking experience and also aesthetically.