Take advantage of natural light

It is one of the factors that most influence the harmony of the home and have a positive impact on the nervous system of those who visit it. If you are looking to give a feeling of spaciousness and enhance the decoration, a good alternative is to opt for light or transparent curtains.

Incorporate plants or natural elements

Bringing nature into your home is an effective way to add a sense of harmony and freshness, as well as take advantage of air-purifying properties. If you are not particularly a fan of plants, other options you can opt for are natural objects such as wood, glass or stone, which will provide a feeling of warmth.

Use mirrors strategically

Placing mirrors that reflect spaces such as furniture, windows, artwork, or decorative elements is a strategic way to add a sense of spaciousness, depth, or luminosity. Of course, avoid using small mirrors that only reflect a part of the body.

Choose the right color palette

Depending on the colors you choose for your walls, furniture or curtains, you will convey different sensations to your guests. For example, light or neutral colors give a feeling of spaciousness and luminosity, while others such as blue and black provide warmth and elegance, respectively.

Give it your personal touch

There’s no better way to add a welcoming feel to your home than by imbuing your spaces with a unique style that reflects your personality. To achieve this, you can incorporate elements that tell a little bit of your story, such as artwork, bookshelves, or furniture that have special meaning to you.