What is EDGE certification?

The EDGE Certification (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) is an evaluation for the construction of green buildings. Promoting the construction of buildings in a sustainable way. It is currently available in at least 130 developing economy countries, including Peru.

This system was created by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which is a member of the World Bank Group. Its proposal is based on reducing the amount of resources that are put into use and building easier, faster, more friendly, and sustainable green projects.

The goal of EDGE certification is to provide a solution to capitalize on the value of green buildings by promoting benefits for customers, while protecting the environment. Plus, with EDGE, it is possible to stay ahead of the green building trend.

Benefits of EDGE certification

Energy solution

Electricity expenses currently represent 17% of family income. As cities like Lima continue to develop and grow, the cost of living will also increase. This will be related when future buyers require an energy solution that is efficient and compensates for high bills.

Increase in property value

To achieve EDGE certification, it is required to comply with at least 20% savings in energy and 20% in water. When you search for apartments, these data will interest you, since everything translates into monetary savings and an increasingly green lifestyle, which gives added value to the property.

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More comfortable lifestyle

Green building offers a way to minimize the damage a building causes to the surrounding environment. For example, reducing water consumption by recycling gray and black water for flushing toilets. This makes buyers who have purchased a sustainable property proud.

Protect the planet

EDGE certified apartment buildings have an overall positive impact on the environment. By 2030, Peru is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20%. For this reason, when you think about projects with the certification, you are supporting this objective.

Now you know what EDGE certification means and all the benefits it offers. Next, we will show you our project that has this certification.

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Discover other of our projects

MADRID 167 – Apartments for sale in Miraflores

Our eco-efficient building has apartments from 89 m² to 275 m² with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms in the heart of Miraflores, near parks and the boardwalk. In addition, it has a parking lot for bicycles, a large lobby, terrace with barbecue area and much more.

Besides the main features of environmental sustainability of this project you will also have:

  1. 50% green area on the 1st level.
  2. 40% green area on the roof.
  3. Gray water treatment for irrigation of green areas.
  4. Water heating with solar panels.
  5. Saving toilets and taps.

LED lighting.