Why are sustainable real estate projects a growing trend in our country?

Many companies that develop real estate projects in Peru are adapting, if they have not already done so, sustainability to their internal policy. This allows them to comply with ethical standards, improve operational efficiency, satisfy their users, improve the reputation of the company and in the long term obtain different financial benefits.

How does it affect construction costs?

The costs for the development of this type of construction are variable, and depend on the sustainability plan and the measures implemented for its development. For example, if you want to apply solar panels for the efficient development of energy, or technologies for water management and collection, among others.



The importance of certifications for sustainable construction.

Although a sustainable construction does not need a certification as such, it gives added value and recognition to the projects, attracting the public that is interested in acquiring homes that take care of electrical efficiency or other sustainable aspects. This is a great attraction to boost the sale of these projects.

Obstacles to sustainable construction in Peru

The most important barrier to executing this type of project is the massive misinformation that is in the market. Contrary to what is believed, in Peru there is a large supply of trained personnel to carry out this type of construction, in addition to obtaining sustainable materials is viable and costs remain in line with the market, so implementing sustainability is not synonymous with an increase in the final cost of the project..