Warm Minimalism

A simple and functional aesthetic is achieved with natural materials in neutral and soft colors, creating a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere. Soft tones convey calm and serenity, while natural materials add authenticity and freshness to the space.

Trend of curves

Curved shapes are booming in both construction and decoration, being one of the great trends. Round mirrors are ideal for adding comfort and lightness, while bringing an aesthetic and elegant touch to the space.

Natural materials

The use of materials such as wood, natural stones and marble is a prominent trend this year to beautify the bathroom. These materials bring sophistication, naturalness and a sense of luxury to the space, as well as being durable and resistant, ideal for a durable and aesthetically striking bathroom decoration.

Black or gold faucets

The use of faucets with matt black or gold finishes adds an exceptional aesthetic touch to the bathrooms. Combined with mirrors and highquality materials, they create a striking and sophisticated space. These selected details enhance the beauty of the bathroom and create an atmosphere of luxury and style, providing a unique experience.