If you have children, it is very likely that during the months of confinement, it has been quite hard to deal with them all the time inside the house. That is the importance of choosing a project with an area for children, since here not only they will benefit, you will also get peace of mind in your day to day.

Security and Savings

Children by nature need moments of recreation and at the same time, spaces destined for play or simply hanging out. The common areas of your buildings will become your allies togive them quality of life and security, since they may be outside the apartment, but within the real estate project.

Although not only that, children’s areas will also mean savings for you in recreational expenses. Your children can access them totally free and they can also make new friends with children from the same building.

Build habits

The children’s areas are common areas, which like any other needs to be taken care of because it will also be enjoyed by the other children of theand difficulty. This makes it possible to teach your children cleanliness and ordering habits every time they finish using the playroom. It is important to instill in them these good practices that will not only serve for a good coexistence but also for the future.

Develop soft skills

A real estate project with a children’s area gives you the possibility to make your children develop soft skills from an early age, since they will not have to wait for the start of the nest to just share with other people of the same age. Through socialization they can get assertive communication, empathy, teamwork and much more

Real estate projects with children’s area

(h3) Republic of Chile 498 – The first home is neveror lvida

Our project located in Jesús María is under construction and will have several common areas, one of them will be the children’s room, inspired by those who value family moments to the maximum. It has been designed especially for the little ones and with the intention that it can stimulate their creativity.  República de Chile 498 has 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments from 37m2to 87m2. Find herealso a cinema room, pet yard, gym, swimming pool, terrace and much more.

Aramburú 836 – As close as you want to be

The strategic location of this project allows you to be 15 minutes from the Gutiérrez oval and only 5 minutes from several commercial places. That means, really close to everything you need to live well. Our project under construction will have a games room plus a garden designed to provide a lot of fun to the little ones in the house. Get to know everything that Aramburú 836 has to offer you here.