Suitable price

Not all rentals are the same and this is going to depend basically on 2 main factors: the location and the market price. Find out between what prices the rent of a bedroom oscillates plus all the comforts that your apartment can offer. Likewise, depending on which district you live in, you can raise the price and calmly justify them with the proximity to certain places, safety and comfort.

Clear rules of coexistence

Within the rental agreement, be sure to write at once the rules that will be governed within your apartment; as long as you can make everything clear from the beginning, it will be much better for both of you in the future. Specify the use of the kitchen, laundry and some other internal common area if you have. You can also set a guest policy, the cleaning schedule and everything you feel is necessary for a good coexistence.

Move with someone you trust

Before letting anyone into your department, it’s vital to conduct a rigorous search and selection. Remember that whoever you choose to live with will have access to a large part of your things inside the house. Therefore, make sure you find someone who inspires confidence, knows how to respect privacy and above all is met with payments. Perhaps a referral from friends or family can help, because sometimes when searching online, the risk is greater.

Interested in 2 bedroom depa?

AREQUIPA 2655 – Live connected to the main

Our project is under construction and has apartments of 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms; from 43 m2 to 74 m2. In addition to large common areas on the first and last level, it has commercial premises on the first level. You already know! Consider these and other factors when pricing the rental. Visit us at Av. Arequipa 2655, San Isidro

The SOL 170 – Enjoy an ideal space

The Sol 170 is in Barranco and is perfect for the coexistence of roomies. It has 1 and 2 bedroom apartments from 40m2 to 60m2. The coolest thing about our project is that thanks to its location and the common areas it has such as gym, pool, coworking and more make it an attractive option for your next tenant. Here both will enjoy the best of Barranco and have the best of Miraflores one step away.

ARAMBURÚ 836 – Close to the best

Find it in the best area of Surquillo, border with San Isidro. Our project is under construction and offers 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments from 40m2 to 74m2. If you dare to choose the 2 bedroom, the rent of that surplus room could help you pay the monthly fees with the bank.