Request free credit reports

In many countries, credit bureaus are required to provide one free credit report per year to consumers. You can get these reports for free through official websites. We recommend you access the SBS Debt Report, provided by the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS), as an option to verify the current status of your credit history if you wish.

Credit reports with monitoring companies

There are companies specialized in credit monitoring that offer services to provide regularly updated credit reports and send alerts in case of significant changes in your history. One of the main platforms in our country is Equifax, which helps you review your history but in a paid way.

Tips after accessing your credit history

Verify information

Once youve obtained your credit report, its important to carefully review the information it contains. Verify that your personal information is correct and that account, payment and balance records are up to date and accurate.

Bug fixes

If by a or b you find an error or discrepancy in your credit report, it is important that you correct it as soon as possible. Contact the appropriate credit bureau and file a dispute to rectify the incorrect information.