Have you ever heard of the TCEA? This is an important factor that will have a direct influence on the amount you will pay to finance your department. If you want to know more about it, in the following article we will tell you what the TCEA is, its difference with the TEA and how it is related to mortgage credit.

What is the TCEA?

TCEA stands for Annual Effective Cost Rate and represents the total cost of credit. This means that it is the rate that will allow you to know what will be the total cost that you will have to pay when requesting a mortgage loan from your apartment.

How is the TCEA composed?

1. TEA

TEA stands for Annual Effective Rate and is an important concept when it comes to home loans. This is in charge of estimating the value of the interest that the person requesting the loan will pay and is calculated based on the cost of the expected interest in a year.

2. Commissions

The TCEA also includes the commissions that financial institutions usually charge for various complementary services to credit such as shipments of physical documents.

3. Expenses

Finally there are the expenses. Of which the most notorious is the credit life insurance that is responsible for covering the debt if the person is unable to pay it due to illness or death. There are many types of insurance that you should also consider that you can see them with your financial advisor so that you have them mapped.

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The difference between TEA and TCEA

The TEA and the TCEA have a part-whole relationship. As we mentioned earlier, the TEA is part of the TCEA, which also includes commissions and expenses, so it shows all the payments that must be made to the financial institution for a loan.

Some people make the mistake of only asking for the TEA when applying for the mortgage for their apartment. Consequently, when it comes time to meet the quotas, they are surprised that the payments are higher than they expected.

Now you know what the TCEA is, how it is composed and its influence on your mortgage credit. Knowing this topic better will help you access the financing that best suits you and fulfill your dream of becoming independent. Below we want to show some of our projects.

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ROME 498

This project located in San Isidro is in launch. It has 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments from 44 m² to 112 m² close to easily accessible roads. In addition, it has large common areas on the first and last levels, a panoramic swimming pool and the Green Bonus certification.


This project has two stages. Stage 1 is under construction and stage 2 is underway. It has apartments from 44 m² to 103 m² with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. In addition, it has the Green Bond certification, a private central park, playground for children, parking for bicycles, energy saving system and common areas on the 1st and last levels.


This project located in Barranco is under construction. It will have 1 and 2 bedroom apartments from 40 m² to 60 m². Close to parks and the boardwalk, it will have a co-working room, gym, swimming pool, barbecue area and parking for bicycles.

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