Educate yourself about real estate

The first and most important thing you should do is nourish yourself with information, for this it will be essential to read books, attend events and have continuous conversations with experienced investors. Don’t rush to learn everything overnight, give yourself the time you need.

Improve your personal finances

As in any investment you can make, to succeed in the financial field it is very important to have a solid knowledge of your financial situation before. This includes your income, monthly expenses, outstanding debts, and available savings.

Choose an initial investment strategy

This decision will depend on your financial goals, risk level and personal situation. Some of the most common strategies are: purchase of housing for own use, investment in properties for rent, investments in multifamily properties, investment in real estate through funds, among others. Remember that the most important business is always the first, so it is advisable to meditate on what is necessary to make this decision.

Define where to invest

To minimize risks in your first purchase of property, it is advisable not to make an excessive investment. In addition, the choice of a strategic location is essential, since proximity to shopping centers, medical services or schools usually increases value over time and ensures a constant flow of potential tenants or buyers. Before making a final decision, consider consulting with real estate professionals to get an accurate assessment of the property and its location.