Detect if they have the necessary documentation

Many scammers flatter that they won’t share the necessary documentation to make the sale, if a money transaction is not made by the buyer first. To avoid this type of scam, it is important to research and know the buying process before purchasing a property.

Find out about the property and the real estate agency

When you are interested in buying a property, the first thing you should do is do detailed research on what you are buying and who you are buying from. Check that the real estate agency has a legal address that you can go to, or even consult with a lawyer for the necessary information about the property and the contract.

Visit the property in person

Before buying a property, you can’t rely solely on photographs or references you find on the web. It is essential that you take the time to visit the property in person to assess its condition and location, as well as confirm its legality and ownership.

Consider how realistic the warranties they offer are

Don’t get carried away by offers that look too good to be true, this is usually a tactic of scammers to sell real estate when they are about to go bankrupt. Always be on the lookout for prices that seem too good to be true, false documentation, debt-free property guarantees, easy financing offers, and more. Follow your instinct and find out what may be wrong with that sale, another option is to consult with specialists in the real estate industry.